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What is eJobs Online?

eJobs Online is the world’s largest online job bank. This employment website caters principally to the domains of obtaining employment and building careers. Potential employees can browse a ready-made database of thousands of job offers from across North America, and the world.

eJobs Online has been established so to eradicate the needs and hassles of the “job hunt.” This is the only resource that prospective employees will require. It is eJobs guarantee that its members will find work through this service.


Is eJobs Online an employer?

eJobs Online does not employ staff itself. It is a job “head hunter” that brings employment opportunities to its members. eJobs does all the research for its clients so that they don’t have the burden of looking for work themselves.


What types of jobs are offered on eJobs Online?

There are thousands of opportunities waiting to be discovered with eJobs Online. eJobs scours the job market, which is constantly in flux, and because of this it becomes impossible to describe exactly what is available in the marketplace at all times.

That being said, eJobs Online focuses primarily on “work from home” jobs, and this includes many writing positions as well as occupations in advertising. Nevertheless, eJobs compiles classifieds from all over the world, in every field of employment; there are opportunities waiting for everyone, regardless of their background and experience.


Are the jobs available on eJobs Online exclusively online?

No, not at all. Although predominantly online, eJobs Online also features jobs that are traditionally located in offices all over the globe. The reason that eJobs stresses stay-at-home work is because this is what the economy is beginning to dictate. This is the current trend, and one that will continue to grow and transform into the new standard over time.

Are there jobs available in my area?

Absolutely; eJobs Online posts jobs from around the world. Thus far, the agency has placed candidates in the US, UK, Mexico, Canada, Europe, China, Japan, Australia, in parts of Africa and, of course, online.


How much does a membership cost per month?

One of the many great aspects of eJobs Online is that eJobs does not feature any monthly fees or charges for using its service. Members simply pay a small, one-time payment in order to access the system as little or as often as they please.

This has been done because eJobs understands that careers do not last like they have in the past. Especially since the recent events of the current financial crisis, employees today go through what are known as “career cycles.” Unlike in the 50s, and up until the 90s, where employees could depend on one job to support them throughout their entire lives, today’s workforce must evolve with an insecure and changing financial system.

eJobs Online understands that employees will need to look for jobs often during these times, and thus has provided them with the tools to do so as often as they need, at no additional charge.


Does eJobs Online offer any additional support or help?

eJobs Online offers the finest support staff on the Internet. Its customer service representatives and support staff are second-to-none. They can offer guidance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Members have access to their services at all times so that they can get prompt answers to all of their questions and concerns.

Where can eJobs Online be accessed from?

eJobs Online is available to anyone with a computer that has an Internet connection. There are no other restrictions whatsoever. Its job bank and database is available for access anywhere in the world.


How long does it take to register?

Your account will be set up manually and your personal login information to access to the eJobs Site will be sent to you by mail. Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery. From inside, eJobs' entire database is instantly ready to be searched.


Is registration secure?

Rest assured that all personal information, email addresses and credit card numbers are never compromised at any time. eJobs Online’ payment process is 100% protected by full encryption. All orders are fully confidential, safe and secure.

What does the eJobs Online guarantee ensure?

eJobs Online promises that all members will find work through its database, or otherwise will receive a full refund. That’s the eJobs guarantee. Members have a full 30 days to try the system out for themselves, and if they’re not satisfied, in any way, by the results, then they have the ability to claim a full money back refund.


eJobs Online sound like, well, a great opportunity. Where do I register?

Becoming a eJobs Online member is easy. Simply click on the “Connect with eJobs!” button below and follow the simple directions. eJobs Online accepts all major credit cards.

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